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By Luke Westaway on 26 June 2012, 4:57pm

Not content with offering you robot companionship through Siri, the iPhone of the future could also offer to buy your sandwiches. Using NFC tech that is, and also using your money.

That's just one of the dog-and-bone-related news stories covered in this week's Phone News roundup, in which we distil the week's mobile happenings into a single fruity shot. Hit play on the video above to find out what's been happening in the tech industry's most exciting sector.

You'll also get the scoop on Windows Phone 8, the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system. As well as a brand new homescreen we'll be welcoming in a slew of beefed-up mobiles, thanks to Windows Phone 8's cooperation with dual-core processors and 720p screens.

It's not all good news though -- Windows Phone 8 won't be coming to existing Windows Phone-powered devices, even almost-new ones like the Nokia Lumia 900. My colleague Natasha describes that as a sucker punch to Microsoft's loyal fans, and it's tough to disagree.

That should be plenty to make you sound knowledgeable next time pub talk turns to tech, but if you fancy learning more, examine our exhaustive guide to Windows Phone 8.

In other news,, RIM is reportedly considering clefting itself in twain and selling its handset business, and Samsung thinks its on track to shift 10 million Galaxy S3 phones by the end of July.

We've also reviewed the LG Optimus 4X HD -- see what we thought of it, and how many stars this quad-core monster earned itself.

What's ticking your phone fancy? Have your say in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.

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