Txtr Beagle Ebook Reader Covers You Reading Needs for ?10

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When it comes to ebook readers these days, consumers are spoilt for choice. The emergence of large screened smartphones and a dozens of Android tablets have made digital books more affordable and readily available than ever before. While every tablet and smartphone doubles up as a digital reader, there are those who prefer standalone ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle devices,http://cutephp.com/forum/index.php?showuser=81511. Dedicated ebook readers come with their own set of advantages such as considerably high battery life, display that is specifically designed for reading ebooks etc,. No doubt, intense competition has meant that prices of these devices have come down tremendously but this new ebook reader from an European company called txtr redefines what an ebook reader is. txtr beagle, read only is the purest form of an ebook reader and could be yours for an incredibly low price of ?9.90.

txtr beagle is possibly the smallest and lightest ebook reader ever. The screen a 5 inch eInk display, large enough for comfortable reading and small enough to fit into your pocket. The device weighs in at just 128 grams and has a thickness of 5 mm. Power comes a pair of AAA batteries, which the company says, will last for more than a year.

txtr beagle comes with no fancy features. The device is simply a screen that displays text. All that the device gets is 4GB of memory, Bluetooth and a few physical buttons. No touch screens here. The way it manages books it interesting. txtr provides a free Android app with the device (iOS app is in development) that controls many functions of the device. Books and documents are stored in your smartphone or tablet or PC, which are then transferred via Bluetooth to the ebook reader. Font-size and orientation are also set through the application.

Detailed specifications are as follows:

*12-15 books per year with normal use. Actual lifetime may vary by battery type.

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