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99% of people do not need quadcore. and especially in WP8. that system is incredibly fluid, perhpas you can compare it to iOS. and dual core Krait 1.5ghz? it is sometimes faster than quadcores. HW specs are very nice for lumia 920, and you can as a bonus: pureview campera,http://suydaisy.edublogs.org/2012/11/10/apple-iphone-cases-can-give-your-iphone-style/, OIS, incredible low light photo capabilities (iso 800 better than majority of compact cameras, I would compare it to lumix LX5!), polycarbonate unibody, ultimate sensitive touch screen made with cooperation of Synaptics that you can operate with anything you can imagine, wireless charging, NFC... those are features that even iphone5 does not carry! so I would say lumia 920 is pretty spectacular piece of technology, I would say those features are worth 650eur,http://users.section101.com/?page=blog_view_one_post&postid=1274305&room=Spingarn&last_page=user_blog... iphone5 is around 800 (32GB)... yes it is a bit bulky and heavy, but actual reports from hands on reviews is that the phone feels very light in hand. 180g isn't that much for 4.5" and polycarbonate unibody with mechanical IS unit.

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