Fashion company Tavik has worked themselves into the iPhone accessory market pretty nicely. So far we’ve reviewed their protective Channel case, and trendier looking case, and now we’re reviewing their more basic Staple Case for iPhone 5…completing the current Tavik iPhone case lineup,

The Staple Case for iPhone 5 is an ultra-light one-piece snap on case that’s only about one millimeter thin. Even such a thin case is capable of providing some pretty solid protection. The “Protective EVA dampening liner” is sure to keep iPhone scratch free, but it should also help keep iPhone in one piece from drops.?The Staple doesn’t exceed iPhone’,;s face and corners as much as we prefer, but it comes with a screen protector to make up for that.

The case itself is very simple. There’s one large cutout for the vibrate toggle/volume buttons, a cutout for the camera, and an exposed top and bottom. It securely and tightly snaps on to iPhone, and it’s relatively easy to remove. The inside is padded in felt that offers iPhone a comfortable bed to lay in.

The Good: Light, Great Finish, Simple Design, Includes screen protector and cleaning cloth, Felt interior
The Bad: Too expensive, Not enough corner protection, Not on Amazon

    Tavik’s Staple Case is definitely a nice and simple case for iPhone 5. We find it’s a little too plain, or minimalistic, for the $29.95 price tag, even with the included screen protector and cleaning cloth. It comes in black, grey, pink, or the cyan blue shown. It’s currently only available from .

    The Staple’s finish is its most unique quality. It has a matte appearance, resistant to finger-prints, with a soft-touch feel that has an almost rubbery feel.

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